For the Conservation of Sea Turtles

16 July, 2016
by PiPaP

What a year…

This summer has been very rich in events. Not to forget that I took a 3 months sabbatical. This was to recalibrate myself and reevaluate my priorities. 

I really enjoyed my travels. Some precious time with my partner and her family. Some quality time with my sister, her partner and his family, and my sweet niece.  These times I cherish because that don’t happen enough.  Just the pleasure of being together warms my heart and makes me smile. 

Too often I put my work first and I forget what is most important in life.  You need to take a break to learn how to enjoy simple but very important moments in life.  

Obviously taking a sabbatical gives you the time to do things You always  postpone for later. These were : Spending more time with my niece which I only see twice a year, diving with my sister (somethings I hadn’t done in years ) and traveling with my partner away from Greece where I always end up working. 

Be patient : I will update this page every so often. 

PiPaP AKA Pavlo 

9 August, 2014
by PiPaP

Little break in the sky…

It seems that when I get time off , the best way to update this blog is to get off the ground. Here I can think back and jot down some thoughts on what happened in my buzzing life.
Going to Limnos even for a few days always feels like a holiday ! Our family house is located in a small village a couple of kilometres from the sea. A small taverna provides us will Greek salads, grilled sardines, fried squid, wild greens all tasting delicious!
News reach Limnos at a slower pace. This means that it gives me a perspective rather that affecting me immediately.
This “slow” life starts in the morning with a cup of coffee, some local cheese and some hard bread. Then we usually go for a swim on a quiet beach followed by a few chapters of a good book while lying in the sun.
After a few hours it’s time to home, have a shower and prepare a delicious Greek salad (yum ! ). If needed this ritual will be followed by a nap in a comfy bed accompanied by the humming sound of the ceiling fan.
Then back to step 2 : a refreshing swim this time followed by an cappuccino fredo. A few more chapters until the sun sets behind the horizon.
Bliss :)

18 May, 2014
by PiPaP

Here we go again ;)

As everyone expects, it’s is starting to get busy here. All leaders of the different project that ARCHELON runs around the whole country have come together for 3 days.
After this all if us will migrate to our respective nesting grounds : Crete, Peloponnese and of course Zakynthos.
The first nests have been recorded in Israel letting know that it shouldn’t be long until the nesting season starts in out country.
At the Rescue Centre we have already reached 28 turtles which confirms that turtles are around.
Luckily we have also released our first turtle “Katherina” which has been recovering from a head injury/hook ingestion since June last year.
More are to come next week.
Let me take a minute to thank our “daily” volunteers that are always been there for me collecting turtles, cutting fish on a daily basis, assisting me with children, getting me out of my couch, meeting influential people, buying me coffee…
We will make it through this season, I know it.
It will be very tough and full of challenges. We can make it happen together.

1 May, 2014
by PiPaP

Back home…

It’s time I get back on track. I have been away from so long dealing with stuff…
Life has its way to remind you where important things really are. Many things try to get on that important “To Do” list. But only very few things really do belong there.


14 April, 2014
by PiPaP

Meeting in Nawlins !

As every year, I met with other “turtlers” during the International Sea Turtle Symposium.
This year we are meeting in New Orleans. So far the 2 days dedicated to sea turtle medicine and rehabilitation have been very interesting.
The official start is only tomorrow but we are gathering for a Social tonight for drinks !


27 January, 2014
by PiPaP

2 turtles on 48 hours : Back in business

Savvas is the first one to arrive this morning around 5. Sadly, this little juvenile loggerhead did not survive the journey from Corfu. He had an injury in his front left flipper from fishing line as well as fishing line coming out of his mouth. A necropsy will identify what was the internal damage. Rest in Peace little dude :(


The second one is coming tomorrow evening from Mykonos. This juvenile loggerhead sea turtle called, Julia after her saviour doesn’t have any visible injuries but washed out on the beach. She could have swallowed something or have some lung infection. She seems very weak and we hope she will reach us in time. We pray for her recovery.



30 December, 2013
by PiPaP

New year eve coming up…

Hey. This year will be a bit different since my sister might be working the new year eve shift.
Also my sweet angel is with her parents in freezing Germany.
So I take it it will look key.
The interesting even is that the Chinese Man will be playing on the beach. This French Dub Ragga bang seems quite good and I will go and discover them live. Tom (Arnaud’s son) told be about them and got me curious. We will see.
At the same time another hurricane is heading our way. Heavy rain is expected. It should be interesting. ;)